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Distance Learning Option

Posted on November 14, 2020 at 4:45 PM



While CPS is in the Distance Learning Option,


Paras, LPN’s, Asst School Community Coordinators, Interpreters, Student Service Asst (Nap Aide) will have the option to work from home (if we have the technology) or the school bldg. We are not allowed to take school computers home.


During the virtual session, we will be moving back to a five day regular hours schedule. We will need to meet with administration in our schools to know what our schedules will look like. We also have to do a daily activities log that need to be turned in each week to our teacher or administration.


Security/Security response team will be working as we did when school started this year. High school security will be assisting in elementary schools.


Food Service, Custodial Staff, Maintenance, Warehouse, Truck drivers, Stock Handlers Exterminators and Courier.


Everyone will be back on a 5 day work schedule.


Administrators should be addressing this distance learning option with you at your schools.



In Solidarity,

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